The Environmental Group Limited (EGL) is a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since 1977. The ASX code is EGL. The company was incorporated in 1923.

Until 1987, the company traded in a number of different industries including funeral parlour operator, property development and investment property. The company also operated under various names including Motor Funeral Limited and PAL Holdings.

It was not until 1987 that management decided to enter the environment industry and changed its name to Coal and Carbon Industries Limited and amongst other things worked to develop new activated carbon technology to capture waste air and water particles.

In December 1998, EGL acquired the business of Horizon APC, a Melbourne based private company that specialised in air pollution control.

In October 2007 EGL purchased Total Air Pollution Control (TAPC) based in Wollongong with significant expertise in air particulate removal. The Gas and vapour business which had been part of EGL was merged with TAPC following a review of the businesses of EGL in 2012

Baltec IES Pty Limited was acquired by EGL in November 2013. The business is located in Notting Hill, Victoria and Baltec provides a range of services to the Gas Turbine power industry. The company has been in operation since 1987 and has steadily expanded its operations to now provide its services across the globe. Baltec IES provides a broad range of products to the industry, such as Gas Turbine inlet filtration systems (filter houses), inlet cooling/fogging systems, Acoustical Components, Expansion Joints and complete exhaust systems with guillotine and diverter dampers. This is applicable for both new systems and upgrades, retrofits and spare parts. While complete systems are the most common requests by our clients, Baltec IES provides a range of other products to cover non-standard applications or specific requests. To enable Baltec IES to cater for specific client requests, engineering services are provided to tailor any of our products to meet client requirements.

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