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The Environmental Group Limited Acquires Airtight Solutions, Expanding Reach of High-Quality Air Pollution Control Solutions

The Environmental Group Limited has acquired Airtight Solutions, a leading provider of air pollution control solutions in Australia. Airtight Solutions was founded in 2002 by senior air pollution control engineers who saw a gap in the mid-tier market for high-quality air pollution control systems. Their solutions offer quality, reliable performance, and affordability, designed by engineers rather than salespeople.

The acquisition will enable Airtight Solutions to expand its reach and offer its solutions to a wider market. It will also allow The Environmental Group Limited to strengthen its position in the pollution control market and provide its customers with a wider range of environmental services. This acquisition demonstrates The Environmental Group Limited's commitment to providing sustainable solutions to its customers.

In summary, the acquisition of Airtight Solutions by The Environmental Group Limited is a win-win for both companies. Airtight Solutions can leverage The Environmental Group Limited's resources and expertise to expand its reach, while The Environmental Group Limited can offer its customers high-quality air pollution control solutions as part of a wider range of environmental services.

Experience the Airtight Difference: High-Quality Air Pollution Control Solutions Backed by Engineering Expertise

Welcome to Airtight Solutions, where we specialize in high-quality air pollution control solutions for various industries, including minerals, foundry, dairy, mining, agriculture, and timber processing. Our team of senior air pollution control engineers founded Airtight Solutions in 2002, driven by the belief that the mid-tier market for air pollution control in Australia was poorly serviced. We saw a need for a better alternative that offered appropriately designed solutions of quality and consistently reliable performance, at an affordable price point.

At Airtight Solutions, we take pride in offering the best-performing solutions on the market. Our engineers have vast experience with small to large-scale air pollution control projects and understand the engineering and design principles behind effective air pollution control. Unlike many companies in the industry, we believe in putting engineering first and not letting sales drive our decision-making.

Our company culture is built on integrity, respect, and a commitment to providing sustainable solutions for our customers. When you invest in a system designed by Airtight Solutions, you can be assured that it is designed and backed by engineers, not salespeople. Our quality, reliability, and unbeatable performance are the Airtight difference – the market's best value proposition.

Thank you for choosing Airtight Solutions for your air pollution control needs. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you achieve your environmental goals.

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